Just a reminder that the first full moon will begin Thursday and end on Sunday. In this time, when the moon is in the sky, all Skinchangers will be in their true form, which means they must all be out of the city walls of Esperance. A new prompt for the occasion will be posted tomorrow too. Good luck!

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Anonymous asked: Is there just forest between Esperance Bay and Folkvanger's eastern border?

The town of Snowdown is the easternmost location in Esperance, and the Snowdown forests are supposedly haunted and hold a lot of superstitious history and heritage. People don’t go through them, and if they do, they don’t ever come back. The forests will be a major plot point down the road. Thanks for your question!

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Anonymous asked: About how long does it take to travel by ship from Freeport to Esperance? What is the best route?

I’ve answered this before, though I cannot find the original answer, so I apologise if they differ! I imagine the trip in one of the best of Freeport’s ships would take approximately 7 days. The only route is to go all the way east around the Llinos Islands; travelling west past Faust Island, or between any of them would surely end in wreckage on the reefs.

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Just an apology from me concerning the activity in the roleplay. Obviously things haven’t been quite so fast-paced as we’d all like, and though I’d like to put it on exam time/school/work responsibilities, it’s still my duty to keep up the main too. I haven’t been doing that, and I’m sorry. Next week we will begin the first full moon, which should be interesting, and I will have some new bios out soon too. Thank you all for being so vigilant and sticking with us. - Georgia

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marissawilcox asked: Hi! I will be leaving to Prague early tomorrow morning, and since I can't promise I'll be able to write replies during the trip, I would like to request a short hiatus. I will be gone until June 5th. Thank you!

Have fun!

"The streets were empty, it's only occupants the flurry of soft snow, and a calm wind that threatened to blow a gale at any given chance. Where had everyone gone? Where have they all gone?"

This is your third writing prompt. Though not compulsory, it is recommended you try it out as a self-para or an interaction with another character. Your prompt reply must include this sentence, and can be set at anytime of the week. Tag your response with #rittprompt3. I will also reblog a few TMI Tuesday prompts on my character blogs to get some activity moving, feel free to do the same! 

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Could all applicants for the role of Poppy Bennett please contact the main as soon as possible? Thank you!

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Anonymous asked: I'm simply curious, but why wasn't the Poppy app accepted last night? It seems to have been there for a while..

Because there are two reservations on her.

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Anonymous asked: I noticed you don't have any Royal characters taken or open. I have played royalty on past roleplays and really enjoyed it. Will you have any open soon?

We have a total of five playable royal characters, found here. We have two open, Marisol and Mathilda, who are both very much needed. 

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Anonymous asked: In the nicest way possible, could we please tone it down with the accents?

Thank you, anon. By no means do we need to stop writing them, but if your character’s dialogue is approaching an illegible thickness of accent, please consider softening it a little bit, or using an accent only in headcanon.

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